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ALPACA TEDDY BEARS: Fluffy and soft, these handmade 100% alpaca teddy bears are irresistible! Assorted natural colors including all white. Imported from South America.
Size: 5.5", 10.5", 18"
Price: $16.00; $28.00; $78.00

5.5" Bear
10.5" Bear
18" Bear
STANDING ALPACA: Fluffy and soft, these handmade 12" standing alpacas are irresistible! 100% Baby Alpaca. Assorted natural colors. Imported from South America.
Price: $44.00

ALPACA FIGURINE: Adorable mini alpacas bring a smile to young and old alike. Approximately 2.5" tall. Natural fawn/white color.
Price: $10.00

ALPACA BACKPACK CLIP: Adorable alpaca with an attached clip to go anywhere with you! Rainbow colored. Imported.
Price: $6.00

MINI PLUSH ALPACAS: Soft and cuddly like the real thing! Variety of colors that are subject to availability. Imported.
Price: $10.00

PLUSH ALPACAS: Adorable plush alpaca with colorful blanket that will immediately become a child’s favorite! Imported. Colors vary according to availability.
Price: $14.00

NESTING BALLS: 4" grapevine ball stuffed full with soft alpaca fiber. Hang in your favorite tree and your local birds will come and line their nests year-round with the fiber. Loop included so ready to hang.
Price: $10.00 each Extra bags of fiber: $3.50 per bag

4" ball
Extra bags of fiber

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